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Sync your fitness tracker with BookDoc Activ, and begin your rewarding journey for being Activ! Your average daily number of steps at the end of every month will become your Reward level: Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum, where exciting deals await. The higher the Reward level, the better the deals and the greater the number of lifestyle verticals which you could take advantage of.

Check out the comprehensive list of Reward partners and the countries where you could enjoy the benefits. It includes participating outlets under food & beverages, grocery shopping, gym & fitness, clothing & apparel, health & wellness appliance, transport and many more.

Go Activ, Get Rewards!

Available at App Store and Google Play.


A new initiative by MOH in collaboration with BookDoc Activ. It aims to increase the level of physical activities amongst Malaysian adults through competitions powered by BookDoc Activ app. KOSPEN@Activ will be part of the programme under KOSPEN and KOSPEN Plus as a value added initiative.

Eligibility (Last changed 16th March 2018)

Ministry of Health (MOH) staff only.

Competition Terms and Conditions

  1. Competitions run on a regular basis and competition details will be updated accordingly on KOSPEN@Activ website.
  2. Participants must download, register and activate BookDoc. It is FREE on Google Play and App Store. Please refer here.
  3. Your activation code will be based on the facility your are in, please refer here.
  4. Competition is for now only for individual category.
  5. The competition timetable will be published on the KOSPEN@Activ website and updated accordingly.
  6. Top 50 individuals will be updated on a Leaderboard on a monthly basis.
  7. Prizes is awarded to the highest average daily number of steps for the calendar month.
  8. The identity and place of work for the winners will be verified.
  9. The data of the number of steps of the winners will be analyzed, and any suspicious patterns or trends will be further investigated, pending verification.

Terms & Conditions

  1. All MOH staff are entitled to join this competition.
  2. This competition starts on 1st until 28th February 2018.
  3. Download BookDoc app and starts walking.
  4. The highest average daily steps until the last day of competition will be selected as winners.
  5. In addition, as an individual, you may redeem e-rewards from BookDoc Activ Reward partners on the monthly basis as long as you achieve minimum Bronze level at the end of the month.

Competition just started. Stay tuned!

Having trouble locating your activation code? Click here for the full list.

User Guide

(Existing BookDoc user can skip these steps and proceed to activate your KOSPEN@Activ programme)

Step 1

Download BookDoc app for FREE from App Store or Google Play

Step 2

Click Menu and select Join Now for new user to register or Sign In for existing user

Activate Your KOSPEN@Activ Premium Programme

(Make sure you have the latest version of BookDoc app!)

Step 1

Click on the Activate Now link at the bottom of the Home screen

Step 2

Key in your Activation Code, IC No and Position

Step 3

Click on the Activ button in the Home screen

Step 4

Sync to your respective fitness tracker device:
Apple Health
Samsung Health
Other Android:
Google Fit*

*for Google Fit user, please use the account associated with Google Fit. View steps here.

Existing user can use your current BookDoc account and just activate your KOSPEN@Activ Activation Code

What Should I Do If I Relocate To Another MOH Facility?

Deactivate and re-activate your new Facility Code

  • MENU

Compatible Devices & Apps

Apple Health

Samsung Health

Jawbone Up

Garmin Connect


Google Fit

For MI Fit user, please contact our technical support team for assistance.




You just need a valid phone number, valid email address or Facebook account, a compatible smart phone, and a compatible device or a mobile app that can track your steps.

  1. Compatible Device or Mobile App that can track your steps:
    Device/App Description Additional Requirements
    (i) Wearable Fitness Devices Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin, Mi Fit Ensure their software requirements is compatible to your smart phone
    (ii) Fitness App (downloadable for free) Health (Apple), Samsung Health (Samsung), Google Fit (Other Android; compatible with Mi Fit app) Your smart phone must come with motion-tracking sensor
  2. Compatible Smart Phones:
    Type Operating System
    (i) iPhone (Apple) iOS 8 or later
    (ii) Android Android 4.4 or later

Download "BookDoc" for FREE on the App Store or Google Play. Click the "Activ" button in BookDoc App and follow the instructions to set up BookDoc Activ.


Please contact us by email at kospenactiv@bookdoc.com or call us at 1300-88-2362 (Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat: 9am-1pm).


Verifying phone number allows you to view the rewards and activate BookDoc notifications. We will also be able to contact you via the verified number should you face any technical issues.


All MOH staff are entitled to participate in this programme. Click Rules to learn more.


After sign in, activate your Premium Programme by entering your Activation Code (Facility Code).


Activation code is based on the facility that you work at. You may check here.


Please ensure your Activation Code, IC Number and Position are entered correctly. If you're still facing the difficulties, please contact us by email at kospenactiv@bookdoc.com or call us at 1300-88-2362 (Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat: 9am-1pm).


Yes. Please deactivate your previous Activation Code and enter the new code (based on your latest facility you're in). Please refer to User Guide.


The competition runs on a regular basis and details will be updated accordingly on KOSPEN@Activ website. Make sure you have activated your Activation Code.



No. As long as you don't sign out, your device will automatically sync with BookDoc Activ. If you signed out, complete information may not be captured to determine the membership tiers and BookDoc Activ Points.


Please make sure you have a compatible smart phone and a compatible device or mobile app. If it still doesn't work, please contact us by email at kospenactiv@bookdoc.com or call us at 1300 882 362 (Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat: 9am-1pm).


Minimal because we don't require you to turn on BookDoc App all the time. You just need to make sure that you are signed in your account.


Please click on menu bar on top left and click "Sign In", enter your email address with password followed by clicking "Sign In" or click "Sign In with Facebook". You'll not be required to enter all the information again.


Minimal because we don't transmit real-time data.


For Tracker App like Samsung Health/Google Fit/ Apple Health, they function even at an offline mode to capture the steps data. However, you'll still need minimum data/internet/wifi for the steps data transmission from Tracker App to BookDoc App.


For Apple Health: Due to security for iPhone, every time when you open the BookDoc app, the syncing button will appear on the right corner of the Activ tab. Please ensure that you let the syncing process to be completed before clicking on the Activ tab.

For Google Fit: Sometimes there is a delay in the transmission of data from Google Fit to BookDoc Activ. Nonetheless, the sync is continuous so normally the total steps will be concluded at the end of each day.

For wearable devices, please remember to sync the device data to yours correspond app.

Please check your Tracker App to ensure step detection is turned on. If Tracker App is showing some number of steps while BookDoc still showing 0 steps, please contact us by email at kospenactiv@bookdoc.com or call us at 1300-88-2362 (Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat: 9am-1pm).



You can earn BookDoc Activ Points when your movement (number of steps) is measured by a compatible device or mobile app and sync with BookDoc Activ.


Membership Tiers Average Daily Steps in a month
Platinum 10,000 for 3 consecutive months
Gold 10,000
Silver 6,000
Bronze 3,000


In order to achieve Platinum Tier, you will need to maintain Gold Tier for 3 consecutive months whereby to achieve Gold Tier you need to maintain Average Daily Steps of at least 10,000 for the month.

For example, if you achieve Gold Tier for Month 1 & 2, by Month 3 if you can still maintain 10,000 Average Daily Steps, you will unlock the Platinum Tier by the end of Month 3.

To maintain the Platinum Tier, you will also need to maintain the 10,000 Average Daily Steps every subsequent months. If somehow you only achieve 7,000 Average Daily Steps on a particular month, your Tier will then become Silver. Subsequently you will need to go through the cycle of 3 consecutive months of Gold Tier again before unlocking Platinum.



Please refer to our list of Reward Partners for further details. You will enjoy the rewards based on the membership tiers (on the condition that you have achieve minimum target in our app).


You will receive notification on the 1st day of the month with information of your achieved tier (based on previous month's average daily steps). You may claim the rewards that you wish before the 7th of the calendar month and have 30 days to utilize the rewards at physical or online store.


Please try again for next months as the Reward Claim cycle is repeating every month.


Please contact us by email to kospenactiv@bookdoc.com or call us at 1300 882 362 (Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat: 9am-1pm)



This competition is mainly for Activ platform that are open to all MOH staff. There are two others platform that you can use from BookDoc.

Firstly, BookDoc Search & Book helps users to find and book nearby healthcare professionals anywhere. The Search & Book feature integrates seamlessly with navigation, transport, booking accommodation service and recommended restaurants and attractions for a hassle free and enjoyable experience to healthcare appointments.

Secondly, you can use our Health Info to get latest health knowledge updated by MIMS.

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